About Doocu

Doocu is the new way to upload, convert, and share your PDF online with excellent features.
Unlike the common services, Doocu allows you to upload images, or Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint),
and automatically convert them into PDF.

On the dashboard, you can manage PDF collections by labeling or sharing it with other people.
To serve your convenience, your sharing options are available on public or private. Joining groups is a great way
to communicate and share your interests. When you find interesting PDF from another people, you can save them
quickly to your dashboard for future reference. Or, you can download them automatically.

See... Doocu is free and easy!

About the company

The Doocu team is based in Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Doocu Inc.
Pogung, Mlati, Sleman

About the team

Hermawanto, Dwi
Ten years experienced as a web developer and Search Engine Optimizers, Dwi always dream about creating
something big on the web. As the CEO of Doocu, Dwi managed the design and the whole developing rundown.
Two things he can’t live without: cigarettes and DOTA games!

Desktop Programmer
Five years experience in Qt programming desktop, have made Djuanda also expands his knowledge on another
programming language like C++, Matlab and PHP. In the Doocu team, he created the Doocu’s desktop software
which is compatible on Windows and Linux.

System Programmer
Silaban, Okto
Most of the Doocu’s system and database core were designed by Okto. He has six years experience in PHP programming.
He is a Linux and Open Source Software maniac. That's why, setting up and managing Doocu servers is a fun thing to do for him.

Web Programmer
Aditya, Yodi
Yodi create several web features, scaling servers architecture and maintain high traffic network in Doocu. He has five years experience
in PHP programming & CakePHP for two years. He also build several Python application in Doocu system.

Web Programmer
Mahardika, Hiraq
If you think Doocu’s Flash PDF Viewer is awesome, Hiraq is the one whose responsible for that.
He has seven years of PHP programming and four years CodeIgniter framework experience, which lead him
to create several plugins for popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla. Indeed, he also developed
his own framework based on CodeIgniter.