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apa itu emission control system

What Every Parent Needs to Know Before Getting Their Teen a Car There are many things parents can do to keep teen drivers safe. Getting accident-prevention features like electronic stability control and antilock brakes helps teens avoid accidents.

Validation Process and Development of Control Strategy of Electronic Control Unit for Injector and I

Validation Process and Development of Control Strategy of Electronic Control Unit for Injector and Ignition coil Drivers

Effect of Asanas and Pranayama on Weight of Males School Going Children

Yoga, an ancient culture of Indian heritage, regular practice leads to ideal physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health. Asana and Pranayama are the yogic practices. These have a number of beneficial physiological effects on various systems in our body. The present work was taken up as data reported on the effect of Asanas and Pranayama on weight of males school going children. To know whether there is any change in weight in the subjects practicing Asanas, Pranayama & combination of Asana Pranayama and with that of subjects not practicing any type of yoga. 120 male student volunteers from Muni International School, A-2/16-18, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar New Delhi-110059, India, of age between 8 to 10 years were selected. Subjects were equally assigned to the four groups by using random sampling procedure i.e. three experimental groups and one control group. The experimental Group A was administered Asanas (30 subjects), Group B was administered Pranayama(30 subjects) and Group

Automated Surveillance System Using Clustered Matching

The Spy” generally developed to monitor and record suspicious movement in a company during the closing hours of the company. Organizations today face new and more insidious threats than they ever have in the past. To protect personnel and infrastructure alike requires a level of vigilance not previously anticipated. A new technology called Intelligent Video Surveillance employs state of the art computer vision technology to automate the process of watching web cam - making video a proactive defense sensor. One approach is to detect and recognize the actions of individuals within a crowded scene. We get to know about bank robberies in day to day life and the thieves escape unidentified. When the banks are closed after office hours, it is difficult manning the whole area physically. Therefore we decided to implement motion detection algorithm which will act as security tool. The video can be captured using web cam and once the motion of the object crosses the threshold value, the video i

Key Management Scheme for Efficient Group Communication Networks

- In most of the emerging networks the main problem is based on broadcasting a data to a remote cooperative group in efficient and secure manner. To overcome the limited communication from the group to the sender, the unavailability of fully trusted key generation center and the dynamics of the sender we proposing a hybrid of traditional broadcast encryption and group key agreement. In this system, each member maintains a single public/secret key pair. When seeing the public keys of the members, a remote sender can securely broadcast to any subgroup. Following this model, we introduce a scheme that is proven secure in the standard model. In this, even if non-intended members collude, they cannot extract any useful information from the transmitted messages. After the public group encryption key is extracted, both the computation overhead and the communication cost are independent of the group size. It is very strong security against collusion, constant overhead, and also our protocol is

IptabLes and IptabLes DDoS Bot Threat | Document | StateoftheInternet

Unprotected Linux machines are vulnerable to a new cybercrime threat. Vulnerable servers can be infected with IptabLes and IptabLex bot malware, allowing malicious actors to remotely control those machines and use them to launch large-scale DDoS attacks. Learn how you can protect your computer and your network from this high-risk cybersecurity attack toolkit in this summary presentation, then download the full threat advisory at

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Maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning system. Well-maintained air conditioning systems use energy more efficiently.

The political system in America (on all levels... local, state, and federal) is designed to serve the two political parties and prevent others from having a real chance at winning

every time there is a third party candidate from the left, that party files lawsuits in many states to prevent the name of the third party or independent candidate from being on the ballots, forcing the third party's resources and money to be spent on fighting lawsuits instead of spending it on campaigning

What Does Document Management System Include

Document management is contemporary version of techniques, which include electronic production, storage or retrieval of important files and documents.

A brief description of system families, standard component families and in place families

Revit families are indispensable part of multidiscipline 3D models that are developed in Revit’s environment by modelers Visit our website: