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The impacts of truancy in academic performance among    secondary school students:  A case study of

Truancy is any intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling. This refers to absences caused by students of their own free will and not caused by poor medical conditions. also refer to students who attend school but do not go to classes (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Truancy is the serious problem in Tanzania especially in cities. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training reported that in 2009/10 Form II has the highest number of student drop outs which stands at 9,627 per annum and the main reasons for drop out were truancy 36.2 % and pregnancies 20.4 % (URT, 2011) . Although some studies have been done on the matter, many have been focusing on the causes, without putting into consideration the impacts in academic performance. Therefore this study intended to investigate the impacts of truancy in academic performance among secondary school students.

Assessing spatial inequality within Koch Rajbanshi  community people of Koch Behar

Here we are talking about spatial inequality, but before starting to write about it, we need to understand what we mean when we talk about spatial inequality. According to Wikipedia “Spatial inequality is defined as the distribution of qualities/resources and services like welfare in bias or unequal amounts. It occurs as a result of greed, religion, race or culture. Spatial inequality is countered by equal distribution of resources and services”. It has been observed that people are living in same socioeconomic conditions in the same cluster.

Factors of Bluetooth Technology to Mitigate Interference with Wi-Fi

Bluetooth wireless technology (BT) operates in the unlicensed Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) band in the 2.4GHz frequency range. It randomly uses 79 1Mhz wide channels ranging from 2.402MHz to 2.480MHz. Each channel is occupied for a maximum time slot of 625us. During this time the radio must change the operating frequency, receive or transmit data, and provide enough off time before switching to the next hop frequency. In reality, the time the radio is actually transmitting on a given channel is much less and is dependent on the amount of data being transmitted. WIFI WiFi or 802.11 b/g, also operates in the same ISM band as BT. Due to complicated modulation techniques, 802.11g channels are 20MHz wide while 802.11b channels are 22MHz wide. This means a common WiFi channel can occupy from 20 to 22 BT channels. COURTESY: HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/ WIKI/IEEE_802.11B-1999 INTERFERENCE For an RF signal to be received by the radios receiver, the RF signal must contain enough energy to be detected by the receiver circuit. The minimum receive level is known as the receivers sensitivity. This is similar to the lowest whisper that a human ear can detect. What if there happens to be two signals present at the same time and both are greater than the receiver’s sensitivity? Which signal will the radio detect? One would think that it would not be able to correctly detect either signal. That would be true if both signals are close to the same power level. If one signal had a higher power level than the other signal by a specific amount, the radio would be able to detect the more powerful signal. This is similar to a human ear being able to clearly understand members at a dinner table while there are many others talking at tables that are further away. The minimum ratio of power level for two signals when a radio can correctly detect the desired signal is known as the carrier/interferer ratio, or C/I. This means that two RF signals can exist on the same frequency at the same time without causing interference if the ratio of their power levels meet the radios C/I specification.

3_3_2_La Carta de Presentación - Portal de Empleo y Formación ...

Aprender a redactar y utilizar correctamente la carta de presentación como herramienta en la búsqueda de empleo, con el fin de promover la obtención de los mejores resultados tanto en los casos en que se trate de responder a una oferta de empleo como en aquellos otros en los que el objetivo sea presentar una autocandidatura. Conocer el concepto y objetivos de la carta de presentación, así como cuándo y cómo emplearla. Conocer los tipos de cartas de presentación, sus objetivos, su estructura, su uso indicado y la información que cada uno de ellos debe contener. Seleccionar adecuadamente qué información se debe detallar en la carta de presentación, el modo en que debemos exponerla y el lugar en que hemos de ubicarla en la estructura de la carta. Redactar la carta de presentación del modo más adecuado según se trate de una carta de presentación de respuesta a una oferta de empleo o de una carta de presentación de autocandidatura.

Recaudación Mensual - Direccion General de Impuestos Internos

Informe Mensual De Recaudación, DGII Marzo 2014 1. Resumen Ejecutivo En el periodo enero - marzo, los ingresos recaudados por la Dirección General de Impuestos Internos (DGII) alcanzan los RD$74,159.7 millones, para un aumento de RD$6,085.7 millones en relación al mismo periodo del año anterior. Este crecimiento se observa a pesar de la ausencia de pagos extraordinarios por concepto de Amnistía y el adelanto del Impuesto Sobre los Activos Financieros que se recaudaron en el año anterior. Con respecto a la meta la recaudación de enero - marzo presenta un cumplimiento de 97%. (Ver gráfica 1) Gráfica 1 Comparativo recaudación DGII Enero - Marzo; en millones de RD$ 74,159.7 68,074.1 4,631.3 Reforma, Amnistía y Adelanto de Activos Financieros Efecto Marginal de la Reforma, Amnistía y Ganancia de Capital Tricom 7,775.1 60,298.9 Efectiva 2013 69,528.4 Efectiva 2014 Para realizar una comparación efectiva respecto a enero - marzo 2013, se deben excluir los conceptos extraordinarios recaudados durante ese periodo, por lo tanto se eliminaría la recaudación por concepto de Amnistía Tributaria (Ley 309-12) de RD$2,738.5 millones, RD$2,5001 millones por adelanto del Impuesto sobre los Activos Financieros de las Entidades de Intermediación Financiera (139-11) y RD$2,536.6 millones recaudados por reforma (Ley 253-12). En enero – marzo 2014 se excluye, también, el monto de RD$3,391.8 millones recaudados por efecto marginal de la reforma (Ley 253-12), RD$292.5 millones por acuerdos de 1 Parte de este acuerdo establece que el Gobierno Dominicano someterá al Congreso Nacional la derogación del artículo 40 de la Ley 253-12 que extendió la vigencia del Impuesto a los Activos Financieros Productivos Netos por 6 meses hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2013. Una vez efectuado el pago, las Entidades de Intermediación Financiera tendrán derecho a deducir en cada una de sus declaraciones anuales del ISR por un periodo de 15 años, iniciando en el ejercicio fiscal 2014, un monto equivalente a 6.67% del anticipo adicional pagado a la DGII por concepto de crédito fiscal generado.

Science Olympiad Robots
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Okay, so what is a robot? Per definition of, the Holder of All Human Knowledge, a robot is: a mechanical device that can perform physical tasks. A robot may act under the direct control of a human (eg. the robotic arm of the space shuttle) or autonomously under the control of a pre-programmed computer. In the context of Science Olympiad and other small engineering competitions, we are looking at the first type, human control. There are plenty of opportunities to put autonomous features into a Science Olympiad robot, but if you are reading this for content, it is likely beyond your scope and unnecessary. Therefore, for the purposes of this text only, a robot will be defined as: A mechanical device, operated under the direct control of a human, that is engineered to perform a specific task or accomplish a goal. In this case, the goal is to compete in Science Olympiad's Robot Ramble event. And win. More on that later. I'm not smart enough to build a robot! Yes you are. Modern technology has developed to the point at which it permeates our lives. One side effect of this is that it is much easier to learn and try out than in years past. The hobby robotics market is only increasing, and there are a number of companies that specifically make products catered to robots and their builders. Full directions and kits are available to build or program small robots. In some cases, they're even premade, and all you have to do is mess with them. This is often the best way to go about learning.

Very old Ricoh camera and lenses to work with newer DSLR ... - Rqna

Asked by SixfootJames on 2012-10-24T11:49:33-04:00 I've been given an old bag of Ricoh camera and lenses and I find that it would be such a waste not to be able to use in some way all this again for something. Can you give me some suggestions as to how to use this kind of equipment with a newer camera like a Canon 600D? Archives Arts Questions and Answers Photography Questions and Answers Oct 24th, 2012 Archives Week 43, 2012 Archives October, 2012 Archives Tags Lens Dslr Old Lenses Best Answer Answered by John Cavan on 2012-10-24T23:11:20-04:00 Ricoh, historically, used the Pentax K-mount for their film SLR cameras, but with a slight and important modification: they added a pin that's used to indicate the aperture is in auto mode for shutter priority use. With some careful work, you can for use on K-mount bodies made by Pentax or Samsung or with a for Canon EOS digital and film variants. Nevertheless, if you have Ricoh K-mount lenses, that pin has to go. You can confirm if you have these based on this helpful bit of info from Wikipedia: The R-K mount is used on Rikenon P lenses, Ricoh bodies that include the letter 'P' in their model number, and some non-Ricoh lenses. Now, it's also possible that the Ricoh lenses are M42 screw-mount lenses also known, funny enough, as the Pentax mount when most film cameras had it and Pentax was the SLR king. If that is the case, and it's easy to tell by just looking for threads on the lens mount, then you can easily get...

Como escribir una excelente carta de presentación

¿Tienes un curriculum impresionante? ¿Sabes cómo presentarte muy bien en las entrevistas? ¿Sabes para qué clase de puesto estás hecho? Ahora todo lo que necesitas es una oportunidad para que “camines” hacia la puerta correcta. Sólo piensa, ¿qué podrías hacer para que esto suceda? Asegúrate de escribir una carta de presentación que tenga impacto. Es tu oportunidad de hacerle ver a tus empleadores por qué deberían considerarte para el puesto. Tu carta de presentación es una herramienta de ventas que debería estar dirigida al puesto específico que estás buscando. También es una oportunidad de mostrar a los potenciales empleadores tus habilidades de redacción. Si es el caso de que estás enviando una carta de presentación en otro idioma distinto de tu lengua nativa, es una excelente oportunidad de demostrar que puedes expresarte con fluidez. Sin importar cuál sea el nivel de tus habilidades en el idioma y tu capacidad de redacción, asegúrate de que tu carta no contenga errores. Reléela varias veces. Una carta de presentación, como la mayoría de la correspondencia de negocios, tiene tres partes...

procedimiento informe mensual sobre el reporte de pago de ...

 Elaborar el informe mensual sobre el reporte de pago de impuestos de los trabajadores por concepto de sueldos y salarios, honorarios, asimilados a salarios, arrendamientos y personal eventual, dando cumplimiento de las Obligaciones Fiscales en Materia de Impuesto sobre Nóminas, Impuesto al Valor Agregado y Retenciones de Impuesto sobre la Renta, presentados en forma simplificada los impuestos generados recursos presupuéstales.  Impuesto Sobre la Renta (ISR) retenido de conformidad con lo dispuesto en los Artículos 113 y 114 de la Ley del ISR vigente.  Impuesto Sobre Nominas señalado en el Capitulo V del Titulo III del Libro Primero del Código Financiero del Distrito Federal vigente.  Los montos brutos, deberán ser anotados sin decimales.  Se deberán de respetar la estructura del formato.  La presentación será de conformidad con el calendario establecido por la Dirección General de Administración de Personal.  Circular Uno 2005 Glosario de Términos  Dirección General de Administración; Dirección General de Administración en la Secretaría de Desarrollo Social (DGASDS).  Dirección General de Administración de Personal (DGAP) de la Oficialía Mayor (OM).  Sistema Integral Desconcentrado de Nómina (SIDEN).  Impuesto Sobre Nómina (ISN).

The Horde 4 PHP framework
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The Horde 4 PHP framework. Gunnar Wrobel May, 13th 2011 . Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4. May, 13th 2011. 1 / 44 ... The Horde 4 PHP framework Gunnar Wrobel May, 13th 2011 Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 1 / 44 Components Components = Modules = Libraries = Packages = ... Photo: Rudolf Ammann [] Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 2 / 44 The Horde 4 PHP framework There are more than 90 components available from Photo: Aaron Merrifield [] Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 3 / 44 Groupware Photo: Denise Chan [] Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 4 / 44 Groupware Definition “[...] groupware [...] is computer software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals [...].”a a Remote It is usually associated with team members not physically co-located. Asynchronous Communication between team members is primarily asynchronous. Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 5 / 44

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