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frequency domain equalization tutorial

Wind-Turbine Speed Control Using MATLAB

The output frequency of a self excited induction generator (SEIG) driven by wind turbine and supplies static load are controlled, using MATLAB/simulink. The PID controller which employed for turbine rotor speed control and hence the frequency regulation is proposed and simulated by MATLAB software package. The modern wind turbines implement pitch control in order to tap maximum energy at wind speeds lower than rated wind speed. They are simple and rugged in construction and offer impressive efficiency under varying operating conditions. The PID controller which employed for turbine rotor speed control and hence the frequency regulation is proposed. In this paper, a turbine blade pitch control has been assumed for this purpose.

Composition Dependent Study of AC conductivity in AsSe samples

The room temperature AC conductivity σ(ω) of amorphous AsSe samples with various compositions have been measured in the 103 -106 Hz frequency range. The results indicate that ac conductivity is proportional to  n with n=0.89±.01 in the 103 –106 Hz frequency range. Consideration of different models for the frequency –dependent conductivity leads to thermally activated hopping as the most likely process.

Top 10 domain registrars
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Get to know the Top ICANN Domain Registrars.

Automated Data Collection
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Dowling Consulting Group, has been a solution provider of integrated information systems since 1991. We specialize in wireless networks and Automated Data Collection (ADC) systems. Our ADC capabilities encompass categories such as barcoding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), wireless computing, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), database development and E-Commerce.

6 qualities required in a real estate agent

In order to earn a good reputation as a salesperson in the real estate industry and to perform the daily jobs without any setbacks, few qualities are mandatory. Since the real estate job domain is pretty competitive, you should try to cultivate these skills if you want to make it as a real estate salesperson in Singapore.

Can car wash harm your car paint
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Keeping your cars neat and tidy is something that you should never fail to do. In order to keep your cars good-looking, you need to wash it at least once in two weeks. If your vehicle is constantly exposed to a lot of dust, you should increase the frequency.

Exploring Varied Kinds of Food Catering Services in Singapore and Their Pros and Cons

When individuals hear the term food catering most of them think of the previous buffet they visit through at a birthday, anniversary, wedding, conference and much more at a recent event. There are several different types of catering services which fall beneath the domain in Singapore.

Sonobuoy Market By Type, Technology, Application And By Geography :  Trends and Forecast To 2020.

[Pages Report] Sonobuoy market forecast report categorizes global market by type (active, passive, special purpose), technology (bathythermo, search & rescue, dc activated, df analysis, lf analysis, edr, air deployable active receiver, dlc, vlad frequency analysis), application (defense, commercial), and by geography

A Miniaturized Ultra Wideband (UWB) Antenna Design  for Wireless Communications

This paper presents a miniaturized planar circular disc UWB antenna design for wireless communications. Printed on a dielectric substrate and fed by 50Ω microstrip line with truncated ground plane, the proposed antenna has been demonstrated to provide an ultra wide 10dB return loss bandwidth with satisfactory radiation properties. The special structure reduces the spatial volume and it is used to realize the miniaturization of the antenna. Ansoft High Frequency structure Simulator (HFSS) software tool has been employed for obtaining the simulation results. The return loss, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), radiation patterns and current distributions of the antenna are discussed.

A New Soft Switching ZCS and ZVS High Frequency  Boost Converter with an HI-Bridge Auxiliary Resonan

This paper presents a novel low-cost, highly efficient, reliable and compact motor drive topology for residential and commercial application. The Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is a simple robust machine which has found application over a wide power and speed of ranges in different shapes and geometry. This paper briefly reviews the fundamentals behind the motor and also the different types of BLDC motors with different geometries and then presents a new configuration for BLDC motor/generator, which does not use a permanent magnet in the rotor. A new soft-switching boost converter is proposed in this paper. The conventional boost converter generates switching losses at turn ON and OFF,

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