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how to write fashion show proposal

Celebrity Apprentice to feature Long Island Master Golf Trainer John Ondrush

1888 Press Release - Local Long Island native and renowned golf trainer John Ondrush, from the Syosset based "John Ondrush Golf & Fitness Academy" will be featured on the upcoming episode of the mega-hit television show "Celebrity Apprentice" on NBC this Monday night January 26, 2015.


The American Rental Association (ARA), through its ARA Rental Market Monitor subscription service, forecasts equipment rental industry total revenue growth of 8.1 percent in 2015, reaching $38.5 billion in the U.S. This total includes all three segments — construction/industrial, general tool and party and event. Construction/industrial rental revenue is now forecast to increase 8.5 percent in 2015 to $26 billion, with general tool projected to grow 8.3 percent to $9.9 billion this year and party event to show a 4.5 percent increase to $2.7 billion.

Implementation of Controller Design for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Helicopter

The overall objective with this paper is to evaluate a method for designing nonlinear controllers in aircrafts with concern in robustness against modeling insecurities and also to minimize the design effort. The later objective is of great importance since there exists, in the industry, an ambition to automatize the design for as far extend as possible. The nonlinear method, State Dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE), used in this work is a nonlinear version of classic LQ design and both are evaluated and compared for a few flying conditions. Also another nonlinear control method is tested. LQ and SDRE show equal performance during both looping and more complicated maneuvers, such as high angle of attack wind-vector roll. Further it is possible to automatize the LQ design as well as it is possible for SDRE. Still SDRE is preferable since it will always be somewhat more accurate than LQ. A Monte Carlo simulation is made on LQ and SDRE showing that the model is robust against relatively lar

Influence of Socio-cultural and Economic Environment on Adolescents’ Sexual Behavior as Mediated by

This study determined the influence of socio-cultural and economic environment on adolescents’ sexual behavior. Knowledge, attitude and beliefs were used as mediating variables to environment factor and adolescents’ sexual behavior. The study used the descriptive-correlation research design. Two hundred ninety adolescents ages 11 -19 years old from two high schools and two universities from Region IV-A in the Philippines, chosen through simple random sampling were the respondents of the study. The results show that socio-cultural (school) environment, attitude and knowledge were significantly related to sexual behavior. Meanwhile, family and community socio-economic environments were negatively related to sexual behavior. Sexual behavior of adolescents differed when their age and gender were considered. Males who are in their late adolescence tend to engage more in risky sexual behaviors than those who were in their mid- adolescence and in their early adolescence. Attitude, age, gender

An Embedded Autonomous Robotic System for Alive Human Body Detection and Rescue Operation

The paper proposes a new approach for detecting alive human beings in devastating environments using a low cost autonomous robot. The proposed alive human body detection system uses a specific set of sensors that gives information about the presence of an alive human body and a low quality camera to acquire a video of scene of the environment. Having detected an obstacle or alive human body, the set of sensors trigger the camera to show live scene. The video is then displayed on a PC or a laptop at base station and processed at MATLAB for further analysis. The alive human detection system proposed in this paper is highly reliable as it is using a set of sensors for detection. The data and information required to be acquired and processed for rescue operation are less. So, it is very cost effective and faster to be applied in real-time operating environment.

Extra and Alternative Loop Ring
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The right alternative law implies the left alternative law in loop rings of characteristic other than 2. We show that there exists a loop which fails to be an extra loop,

Experimental Investigation of MIG Welding for ST-37 Using Design of Experiment

In this research work of Gas Metal Arc Welding(GMAW) show the effect of Current(A),Voltage(V),Gas Flow rate(L/Min) and Speed(M/Min) on Ultimate Tensile Strength(UTS) of st-37 low alloy steel material, In this Experiment we done Experiment by using L9 orthogonal Array to find out UTS and also perform confirmatory Experiment to find out optimal run set of current, voltage speed and gas flow rate.

Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Regulations in Nigeria’s Public Regulatory Entity: A

The amelioration of the deplorable state of occupational safety and health (OSH) in Nigeria should flow from upstream to downstream. This short communication reports on some preliminary results of an ongoing research project in which workplace observations and interviews were conducted on 10 staff out of 48 staff of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity Inspectorate Division in Nigeria, the custodian of OSH. Results show that they fail to comply with some OSH regulations that they should enforce, thus establishing the upstream decay of enforcement and compliance with OSH regulations in Nigeria

An Approach to Detecting Duplicate Bug Reports using N-gram Features and Cluster Chrinkage Technique

Duplicate bug report describes problems for which there is already a report in a bug repository. For many open source projects, the number of duplicate reports represents a significant percentage of the repository, so automatic identification of duplicate reports are very important and need let’s avoid wasting time a triager spends in searching for duplicate bug reports of any incoming report. In this paper we want to present a novel approach which it can help better of duplicate bug report identification. The proposed approach has two novel features: firstly, use n-gram features for the task of duplicate bug report detection. Secondly, apply cluster shrinkage technique to improve the detection performance. We tested our approach on three popular open source projects: Apache, Argo UML, and SVN. We have also conducted empirical studies. The experimental results show that the proposed scheme can effectively improve the detection performance compared with previous methods.

Toxicological Testing Salem NJ

Consulting Forensic Pathologist and Medical Examiner, on Issues and Answers with Jayne Valez Mitchell and The Nancy Grace Show on CNN Headline News, discussing high profile homicide, kidnapping.

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