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sample abstract for nursing research proposal

Fingernail testing detects long term drug use

Fingernail testing has been around for decades but was primarily used for research. Scientists have recently improved upon testing to detect drug and alcohol use by subjects even when they are not a daily user. It is becoming increasingly popular as it detects a wider range of substances over a longer period of time.

Good Scientific Research & Experimental Development Consultants For Your Company

• With so many advancements in the technology it is not really tough to find one good Scientific research & experimental development consultants for your company. You can find these consultants online. You can type in any search engine and get the results. But you should make sure that you are not in a hurry and go with the name that is appearing first on the search engine.

Database of Plastic Product Producers in Netherlands   Financial Performance and Key Executives

The market research Database of Plastic Product Producers in Netherlands - Company Names, Financial Performance, Key Executives, and Contact Details. One can also get details to find Europe Sales and Market Shares of Major Cancer Diagnostic Testing Product growth in the coming years.

The Koyal Group Info Mag Review 11 Mind-Blowing Physics Discoveries Made In 2014

With the help of highly sensitive particle detectors, some of the world’s most powerful lasers, and good-old-fashioned quantum mechanics, physicists from around the world made important discoveries this year. From detecting elusive particles forged in the core of our sun to teleporting quantum data farther than ever before, these physicists’ scientific research has helped us better understand the universe in which we live as well as pave the way for a future of quantum computers, nuclear fusion, and more.

The Relationship of Social Media with the Academic Performance of Bachelor of Science in Information

Social Media is considered as phenomenal in today’s generation. It conquered the world by storm and became more popular to the youth of most nations including the Philippines. This research aims to study the relationship of Social Media in relation to the Academic Performance of the the students of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Centro Escolar University-Malolos. Among the one thirty eight (138) respondents drawn using stratified random sampling there are 45 first years, 37 second and third years and 19 fourth years. There are 102 males and 36 females participated in this study. Seventy one (71) or 51.4% of the respondents have reached below satisfactory grade average while sixty seven (67) or 48.6% students have successfully reached the satisfactory academic performance from an average grade. Sixty one (61) or 44.3% falls under the Occasional User of Social Media while seventy seven (77) or 55.7% falls under Frequent User of Social Media.

A Cross-Sectional Analysis on the Level of Critical Thinking Skills of Students in the College of Ma

This study deals with “A Cross-Sectional Analysis on the Level of Critical Thinking Skills of Students in the College of Management and Technology at CEU Malolos”. Critical thinking is one of the 21st century education skills required in the tertiary level students and a particularly with high impact of importance in the field of education. Training skills related to critical thinking is so important that some scholars called it the main objective of university education and experience. Cross-sectional analysis will be used in the study to compare the critical thinking skills among students in the College of Management and Technology of Centro Escolar University in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines. The sample and respondents of the study includes a total of 277 students from first year to fourth year enrolled in the different academic programs under the College of Management and Technology during the Academic Year 2013-2014. In determining the level of their Critical Thinking Skills

Influence of Socio-cultural and Economic Environment on Adolescents’ Sexual Behavior as Mediated by

This study determined the influence of socio-cultural and economic environment on adolescents’ sexual behavior. Knowledge, attitude and beliefs were used as mediating variables to environment factor and adolescents’ sexual behavior. The study used the descriptive-correlation research design. Two hundred ninety adolescents ages 11 -19 years old from two high schools and two universities from Region IV-A in the Philippines, chosen through simple random sampling were the respondents of the study. The results show that socio-cultural (school) environment, attitude and knowledge were significantly related to sexual behavior. Meanwhile, family and community socio-economic environments were negatively related to sexual behavior. Sexual behavior of adolescents differed when their age and gender were considered. Males who are in their late adolescence tend to engage more in risky sexual behaviors than those who were in their mid- adolescence and in their early adolescence. Attitude, age, gender

Effect of Incorporating Sesbania rostrata, Sunhemp, Gliricidia and Azolla on nitrate leaching in Red

The research was carried out to minimize nitrate leachate in RBE soil by in cooperating green manures (Sesbania rostrata, Gliricidia and sunhemp) and Azolla. The soil samples for experiment was collected from non agricultural lands in Thavashikulam, Vavuniya. Experiment was carried out with RCBD with six treatments such as Control(T1), Urea (T2), Sun Hemp (T3) Azolla (T4) ) Gliricidia (T5) and Sesbania rostrata (T6), and three replicates. The results were analyzed by ANOVA for a Random Complete Block design (RCBD) to determine significance of differences (P>0.05) between the treatments. Duncun mean comparison was carried out by using SAS package. Nitrate losses were significantly (P=0.022) differ from each treatments and highest amount of loss was observed in Azolla (19.66mg) followed by Urea(17.54mg), sespania (15.34), Giliricidia ( 13.14)and sunhemp( 11.2 ). Nitrate losses were less in green manure(Sesbania, Sunhemp & Gliricidia) added soil than inorganic fertilized (urea) soil with

The Effect of Health Service of Poor People on Human Development in Regional Development of Medan Ci

Health service is conducted to obtain a better level of health of the society. A decent level of health would increase of productivity, quality of life, and human development index as well as reducing poverty. The objectives of the research are (1) to analyze the effects of health services for the poor people on the health status in Medan City and (2) to analyze the effect of health and human services on regional developments in Medan City. This is an explanatory research. Population is poor family living in Medan City having Askeskin or Jamkesnas card. A number of 876 samples were chosen proportionally from 21 sub- district of Medan City. The effect of health service of poor people on human and regional development was analyzed by linear regression test. The result showed that there was a significant effect of the level of health services on health of poor people. Also, there is a significant effect of the quality of health service on human development in the regional development pers

Knowledge about Medical Law and Its Negligence among Doctors: A Cross-Sectional Study

Objective: To assess the knowledge of health care professionals regarding medico-legal aspects and its negligence. Materials and Methods: This descriptive epidemiological study was conducted among two specialties of health professionals. The total study sample composed of 123 doctors out of which 68 were males and 55 were females. A self structured questionnaire was developed to assess the awareness of consumer protection art (CPA) and whether these professionals were following the medico-legal aspects. The SPSS software was applied for data analysis & student’s t-test ANOVA test were used as tests of significance.

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