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sample application letter for midwives

MCA Admission2015 Distance Education in India

MCA DISTANCE EDUCATION through distance education, could anyone suggest me IMTS institute affiliated from India university Distance Education Provides specialisation in computer application with technical.

Electronic Adhesives Market would be worth $5.5 Billion, growing at a CAGR of 10.08% by 2019.

[234 Pages Report] Electronic Adhesives Market report categorizes the Global market by Application (Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Semiconductor & IC), Form (Solid, Liquid & Paste) & by Type (Thermally Conductive, UV Curing Electrically Conductive & others) & Geography. The market for electronic adhesives, in terms of value, is estimated to reach $5.5 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 10.08% from 2014 to 2019.

inbound call center
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Lilee Systems Introduces Next Generation Advanced Communications System for Mobile

TRANSAIR LMS-2450 Messaging and Application Server Offers Increased Reliability, Speed and Flexibility

A Cross-Sectional Analysis on the Level of Critical Thinking Skills of Students in the College of Ma

This study deals with “A Cross-Sectional Analysis on the Level of Critical Thinking Skills of Students in the College of Management and Technology at CEU Malolos”. Critical thinking is one of the 21st century education skills required in the tertiary level students and a particularly with high impact of importance in the field of education. Training skills related to critical thinking is so important that some scholars called it the main objective of university education and experience. Cross-sectional analysis will be used in the study to compare the critical thinking skills among students in the College of Management and Technology of Centro Escolar University in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines. The sample and respondents of the study includes a total of 277 students from first year to fourth year enrolled in the different academic programs under the College of Management and Technology during the Academic Year 2013-2014. In determining the level of their Critical Thinking Skills

Knowledge about Medical Law and Its Negligence among Doctors: A Cross-Sectional Study

Objective: To assess the knowledge of health care professionals regarding medico-legal aspects and its negligence. Materials and Methods: This descriptive epidemiological study was conducted among two specialties of health professionals. The total study sample composed of 123 doctors out of which 68 were males and 55 were females. A self structured questionnaire was developed to assess the awareness of consumer protection art (CPA) and whether these professionals were following the medico-legal aspects. The SPSS software was applied for data analysis & student’s t-test ANOVA test were used as tests of significance.

Alkaline Polygalacturonases from Thermotolerant Pectinolytic Bacteria from Diverse Sources

Diverse pectin rich sources like food dumps, food waste waters, spoiled fruits, vegetables and alkaline soils were screened for alkaline bacterial pectinolytic isolates by enrichment culturing and ruthenium red plate assay. Six different bacterial isolates with higher zones of pectin hydrolysis from the source food waste waters were selected and tested for polygalacturonase production at room temperature and at neutral pH. Two isolates as Bacillus sp 2 and Bacillus sp 3 with higher polygalacturonase activity were studied for their response to alkaline, thermophilic production. Polygalacturonase production was highest for Bacillus sp 3 at an alkaline pH of 10.5, a thermophilic temperature of 60°C, an agitation speed of 200 rpm and an inoculum size of 2%. It showed an enzyme production of 890 U/ml. Selected Bacillus sp 3 was both alkaline and thermophilic and had a short fermentation cycle with good polygalacturonase production. Alkaline polygalacturonase could have ample application

Effects of Procurement Regulations on Efficiency of the Procurement of Foodstuffs in Public Secondar

The study was to investigate the effect of procurement regulations on the efficiency of procurement food in public secondary schools in Kenya. The quality of foodstuffs characterized procurement of food in this study. The research study aimed to establish the effects of procurement regulations on quality of foodstuffs in public secondary schools in Kenya. From 2006, all public institutions were required to adhere to the Public Procurement and Disposal Regulations which details the procedures to be followed. How this affected the procurement of foodstuffs in schools was not clear and this is what this study sought to find out .The study was conducted through descriptive research design. Purposive sampling was used to select the sample which consisted of a population of public secondary schools. The data was collected in the month of November 2013 using questionnaires. The respondents were 74 with each school producing 2 respondents; the principal and school accounts officer.

Application of APC Technique in a Unique Standalone Hybrid Generation Systems

This paper proposes a unique standalone hybrid power generation system, applying advanced power control techniques(APC), fed by four power sources: wind power, solar power, storage battery, and fuel cell, and which is not connected to a commercial power system One of the primary needs for socio-economic development in any nation in the world is the provision of reliable electricity supply systems. This work is a development of an indigenous technology hybrid Solar –Wind and fuel cell Power system that harnesses the renewable energies in Solar- Wind and fuel cell to generate electricity. Here, electric DC energies produced from photovoltaic and wind turbine systems are transported to a DC disconnect energy Mix controller. The controller is bidirectional connected to a DC-AC float charging-inverter system that provides charging current to a heavy duty storage bank of Battery and at the same time produces inverted AC power to AC loads. This paper focuses on the modeling and simulation

Influence of Pendimethalin Application with Different Fertilizers on Soil Enzyme Activities in Bulan

A pot experiment was performed to determine the effect of pendimethalin amended with different fertilizers (NPK and vermicompost) on soil enzyme activities: FDAH (fluorescein diacetate ), dehydrogenase, acid and alkaline phosphatise with different concentrations of pendimethalin (500,1000 and 1500gai.).Pots were also filled with recommended rates of NPK and vermicompost under wheat plants. Among the soil enzymes dehydrogenase and FDAH were the least tolerant to the effect of the herbicide, whereas alkaline were the most tolerant one. The high herbicide dose proved deleterious for soil enzymes as compared to other two concentrations. While the use of vermicompost as compared to NPK proved superior in enhancing enzyme activities, which may have exerted a positive effect on wheat yield as compared to herbicide use only.

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