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Casino finder
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Braverman Eye Center Now Offers Most Advanced Surgery in Fort Lauderdale for Cataracts

Braverman Eye Center has built their reputation on integrity and the highest standards of care. They provide high quality eye care to patients throughout South lorida, primarily serving the eye care needs of patients in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, and many more; however they do see many patients from other surrounding communities in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Super Foods
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Zildek Nutrition is an organization that is passionate about sharing super foods to the world. We have launched and nurtured several partners from tropical countries, who can meet our strict quality control and delivery requirements. We have associates in West Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Our products are manufactured in the US at current Good Manufacturing Principal (cGMP) production facilities under FDA regulations. Our products are tested at the facility for cleanliness and purity before packaging.

Effect of Traditional Processing Methods on the Protein and Lipid Content of Arachis Hypogaea (Groun

Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea), a legume largely consumed by most populations in Africa, is widely grown as a food crop. This study is aimed at assessing the effect of some selected traditional processing methods (roasting with/without pod and boiling) on the protein and lipid composition of groundnut for optimal nutritional yield of the end product(s). Standard procedures were employed in the determination of the proximate composition of raw groundnut samples with emphasis on the lipid and protein content. Some selected traditional processing methods (roasting with/without pod and boiling with pod) were also employed and their effects on the lipid and protein content evaluated. Results demonstrated that groundnuts are excellent sources of protein and lipid. The processing technique, especially, dehulling before roasting manifested a significant (p<0.05) increase in the protein and lipid contents when compared with raw samples and other techniques.

A message of Globalization: An Analysis of Contemporary South Asian English novels

South Asian region is facing the challenges of political instabilities, social unrest, insecurities due to whatever is happening in political scene since last few decades. Present study focuses on the trends of globalization in South Asian English novels with reference to Indian, Pakistani and Afghani novels. South Asia is particularly the most targeted region due to its geopolitical and strategic standing in global scenario. Moreover stereotypical notions such as nationalism, fundamentalisms have compartmentalized people of this region in suffocated cabins of cast, creed, religion, nation and culture. In such a critical time a piece of literature can no longer remain a mere piece of story that serve to entertain, rather it is morally bound to fill the gaps in order to break boundaries that lead to destruction.

Distribution Pattern and Injurious Status of Raoiella indica (Hirst) (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) on Areca

- Areca palm (Areca catechu L.) of the family Arecaceae is an important commercial crop cultivated in the tropics like the Pacific, Asia and east Africa. Many insect and non insect pests induce serious damage to areca palms in different parts of the world. The Red Palm Mite, Raoiella indica heavily infests palms of nursery stage and young palms and induces damage by sucking sap from the frond leaves of young palms during hot dry weather. This polyphagous species of false spider mite rapidly spreads through the Neotropical region where the mite damages economically and ecologically important plants. The present study is focussed on incidence, distribution pattern and injurious status of R.indica on areca palms. Field sampling was conducted fortnightly for the period of March, 2013 to September, 2013 on areca palms cultivated in two districts viz. Malappuram and Wayanadu of North Kerala, South India. Results of the study revealed significantly high population densities of the mite

Detection and analysis of leaf curl virus from Jatropha

Geminiviruses are a group of plant viruses that contain circular single stranded (ss) DNA genomes encapsidated in small twinned icosahedral capsids .The virus DNA A plus strand encodes the coat protein (CP/AV1) essential for viral transmission by whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci)[4]. Jatropha has been found to have strong molluscicidal activity and the latex to be strongly inhibitory to watermelon mosaic virus. It is also listed as a homicide, piscicide and raticide. Jatropha is considered as a poor quality fuelwood since the soft wood burns too rapidly. In Africa, Jatropha is widely planted as a “living fence” and hedgerows to protect food crops from damage by livestock and as a windbreak to prevent soil erosion moisture depletion. In Madagascar, Jatropha is used as a support plant for Vanilla. Jatropha is grown both as a vegetable and a spice crop[1]. Out of the 22 viruses infecting jatropha, mosaic and leaf curl disease are the most devastating.[5]Virus type--Single stranded DNA virus

Marketing Strategies for Profitability: A Case of Safaricom Ltd in Kenya Telecommunication Industry.

The study was done to explore and highlight the marketing strategies that Safaricom Ltd has utilized to spur its remarkable growth in terms of the market share as well as its unprecedented strong super profit within the telecommunication industry both in Kenya and the entire East Africa region. The objective of the study was to majorly identify the marketing strategies for safaricom’s growing market share and profitability. The study basically used a textual approach in collecting and analyzing data which was presented in content and thematic analysis from secondary data. The scope of the study was the Safaricom limited company. The study found various marketing mix and techniques were employed that include: auditory marketing, new product creation, animation, pricing, place, content localization, brand alliances, use of celebrities and constant promotions. The study indicates that these techniques were found to enhance the uptake of safaricom products hence, resulting to increased rev

Phytochemical Screening and comparison of DPPH radical scavenging from different samples of coffee a

A phytochemical screening of commercial samples of roasted coffee, soluble coffee and yerba maté prepared as tereré and chimarrão consumed in South America was evaluated. All samples were subjected to a qualitative assay for phytochemical screening in order to detect classes of phenolic compounds, as well as FT-IR analysis of the dried crude extracts, Antioxidant potential was conducted with DPPH assay. The results were similar to each sort of samples according to the presence of phenolic compounds classes, meanwhile the antioxidant potential percentage were varied.

Medicinal and Therapeutical Potential of Neem (Azadirachta indica): A Review

Azadirachta indica is a fast growing, evergreen tree found commonly in India, Africa and America. Neem is one of the most useful traditional medicinal plant in India. It is a highly esteemed tree with several beneficial properties and applications, especially known for its incredible therapeutic and ethnomedicinal values for mankind. It has been used in different medicinal systems: Ayurveda, unani, homeopathic medicine, therefore considered as cynosure of modern medicine. Neem has been used as the traditional medicine since a long time. The main focus of research on Neem has been on the insecticidal properties but in recent years investigations have expanded to the medicinal utilizations as well. A large number of studies have been published on the medicinal properties of Neem and Neem extracts, covering a wide range of indications and ailments. The present paper reviews the medicinal and therapeutical aspects of Neem.

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