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Entrepreneurial policies are generally enacted by
governments to promote entrepreneurship and help sustain Small
and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). However, in Nigeria, despite
laudable policies, the implementation of those policies relating to
entrepreneurship as well as technology incubation programme
leaves a lot to be desired. Thus, the Nigerian version of business
incubation is yet to attain success stories in comparison with
some other developing nations. Consequently, the
entrepreneurship development is also in the path of decline.
Three key themes were identified, which formed the basis for
developing the proposed theoretical framework. Also, several
other factors that influence the success of entrepreneurship
development through technology incubation were identified:
infrastructure and local adaptation of the incubator model. The
purpose of this study is to identify the specific elements that are
crucial to the performance of Technology Business Incubation



Innovative Policies in Technology Business In , Education

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