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With the increasing sites for forums, online reviews
and social networking, the current trend is to look up reviews,
expert opinions and discussions on the Web, so that the user can
make an informed decision. Sentiment analysis, also known as
opinion mining is the computational study of opinions,
sentiments and emotions expressed in natural language
processing and text analysis. A basic task is classifying the
polarity of a given text at the document or sentence, whether the
expressed opinion in a document or a sentence is positive,
negative, or neutral. It can help better understand the behavioral
patterns of users in social media for applications. First, the
behavior of individuals is collected through their unstructured
posts in a forum. Second, they are classified as positive/negative
posts and perform the clustering. Third, the cases are encoded in
terms of features in some numerical form, requiring a
transformation from text to numbers and assign the positive and
negative values




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