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FTR International Inc. is a an award-winning and highly innovative Union general contracting, engineering, and construction management firm that has successively proven its exceptional ethic in the successful delivery of over 100 multi-million dollar proj


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We Build Green

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FTR International Inc. works with project owners, agencies, and architects to produce valuable engineering solutions and integrated initiatives to pursue LEED accreditation and sophisticated sustainability standards in our building projects. Some of our Green practices, as identified by the U.S. Green Building Council, include the incorporation of environmentally friendly concepts in both design and materials.

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Our Values

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After a quarter of a century of experience, FTR has remained one of the most reputable general contracting, engineering, and construction management firms in Southern California by implementing standards of superior performance.

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Markets: Transportation

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FTR is committed to meeting public transit demands, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing transportation efficiencies. We provide an unsurpassed expertise in construction of transportation facilities worldwide.

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Markets: Science Labs

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Advanced laboratories, healthcare centers, educational institutions, and administrative buildings demand the incorporation applied technologies and industry innovations. Photovoltaic paneling, ultra-high purity gas piping, chemical/water waste systems, geothermal heating technologies, and telecommunications networks require a comprehensive understanding of facilities systems that FTR continues to successfully deliver.

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Markets Institutional

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Learning institutions house the knowledge of our future. FTR has applied our engineering expertise to transform the boundaries of educational facilities and provide purposeful and effective environments that inspire our youth and meet the growing demands of our communities. From the structural remodeling and seismic retrofitting to new construction, FTR pursues excellence in every achievement.