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Cisco Connected World-International Mobile Security Study

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International Mobile Security Study Organizations across the globe are looking for the best way to provide workers with secure “anytime, anywhere, any device” network access. To help IT administrators and the businesses they serve better understand the attitudes and experiences of mobile users in the enterprise with special attention to security, we conducted a survey of more than 4600 end users across 10 countries. Blurred Lines High Expectations 90% of end users say it is important to have similar access and experience on both company and personal devices. Over half of the end users said company devices should be for both work and play. Key Finding: Using personal devices at work has become common and there is an expectation to have a similar experience across all devices. Remote Working A privilege or right? 53% Not-So-Seamless Access 50% have remote access but cite frustration such as access to information is restricted. consider it a privilege, though most end users in China and India believe it is a right. 60% when remote they borrow someone else’s wireless connection at least sometimes. (Of note: 50% from India report borrowing other’s connection all the time.) Key Finding: More than half of end users report that they have the ability to connect seamlessly to their corporate network from any location and at any time.

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Mobile Communications: Lower Costs with Cisco Instant Connect ...

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Mobile Communications: Lower Costs with Cisco Instant Connect Push to Talk Solution Challenge Organizations have used numerous forms of communications in efforts to increase productivity. Simple push-totalk (PTT) solutions were an early answer; advances in technology have also introduced instant messaging, text messaging, unified communications, and collaboration applications as ways to perform group communications. Some reasons organizations have shifted away from PTT are to attempt to reduce costs by using their existing IT infrastructure for mobile communications or to improve collaboration with mobile personnel by giving them voice, instant messaging, and video capabilities in addition to PTT services. Pushing a button to instantly connect to a group is making a comeback; many organizations are returning to pushto-talk (PTT) instant communications to drive operational productivity in their environments. But organizations need a better PTT solution. New alternatives from carriers require a monthly fee. In addition, they might not provide coverage in all areas, hampering communications when it really counts.

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The Cisco Connected World Technology Report

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Timing and Sample Qualifications • This report discusses the findings for 1,441 College Students (age 18–24) and 1,412 Employees (21–29) who completed an online survey between May 13 and June 8, 2011. • The survey was translated and fielded in 14 countries to gain approximately 100 completes for each subgroup in each country (~200 total completes per country). • Countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, India, China, Japan, Australia • Respondents were screened to meet the following criteria: – College Graduate or Higher – Employed Full Time in a Non-IT role – Does not work for a company in the Market Research or Non Profit Industry – Works for an organization that employs 10+ people worldwide • Quotas were set to ensure an even distribution of completes by gender. Subgroup Analysis • Statistical differences between country subgroups were tested at the 95% confidence level and are indicated with capital letters in the analysis that follows. © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 2 © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 3 The Internet Students and Young Professionals share similar perceptions on the importance of the Internet. For most, accessing the Internet through their computer is their primary information and news source and an integral part of their daily life. • Roughly half of Students (49%) and End Users (47%) consider the Internet to be ‗close‘ in importance to water, food, air, and shelter in their lives; and one-third of respondents in each subgroup consider the Internet to be as important as these critical needs.

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Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Industry Scenarios

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Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Industry Scenarios Big Buy Electronics Store Shopper Facing • Brian wants to buy an HDTV for his home. He travels to Big Buy Electronics Store where he’s a loyal shopper. When he enters Big Buy, he’s welcomed with a greeting via push notification from his loyalty app on his personal, Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet): “Welcome back Brian. What would you like to find today?” • Brian types “HDTV” into his loyalty app. The loyalty app presents Brian with a list of five different options: -- HD TV Home Theater (providing services and sound system — a higher-margin product for the retailer) -- HD TV for Your Living Room -- HD TV Recorder -- HD TV Accessories (such as cables and mounting brackets) Imagine What’s Possible Personalization. It’s what builds stronger, longer customer relationships. Cisco® Connected Mobile Experiences lets you connect to your customers and deliver relevant content that’s personalized for their preferences and real-time indoor location. These experiences are decidedly different in different industries. A shopper in a retail store clearly values a different experience than a hotel guest or hospital patient. The value of Connected Mobile Experiences is the ability to personalize that experience for the customer and provide a business innovation platform to customize the experience by industry. Following is a sampling of what’s possible with this innovative Cisco technology and the growing ecosystem of third-party app providers. While not all of the apps are built to deliver these capabilities, the essential location data, interfaces, and developers’ tools are. Your imagination is the only limit.

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Gen Y: New Dawn for work, play, identity - Cisco

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... Korea, India, China, Japan, Australia. THE THIRD ANNUAL CISCO CONNECTED WORLD TECHNOLOGY REPORT. COLLEGE STUDENTS and WORKERS. The survey was translated into local languages and conducted in August 2012 across 18 countries to gain approximately 100 completes for each subgroup in each country 18 Countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Korea, India, China, Japan, Australia Smartphones rival laptops as a preferred device by Gen Y. 60% of Gen Y compulsively check their smart phones for emails, texts or social media updates. Over two out of five would feel “anxious, like part of me was missing” if they couldn’t check their smart phones constantly. Two out of three spend equal or more time online with friends than in person If you had to choose only one device, what would it be?favored laptops preferred smartphone Smartphones rated twice as popular as desktop PC And three times as popular as a tablet.